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Tribute Funds

A tribute fund is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one who is no longer with you.

It allows you, your family and friends the opportunity to come together to remember your loved one, the life they lived and the impact they made in a personal and positive way. Raising funds for a cause close to their hearts is a heartfelt and fitting tribute.

Each and every gift acts as a testimonial to your loved one, whilst supporting St Benedict’s Hospice important work at the same time. It’s a special and meaningful way to let their legacy live on.

When someone passes away, setting up a JustGiving In Memory page is a perfect way to keep their memory alive forever and to continue to support a cause they were passionate about.

You can keep the page active for as long as you like, and all in-memorial donations will go straight to St Benedict’s Hospice and help us deliver our essential and expert care.

With an In Memory donation page, you can:

  • collect donations from funerals (even those who are not there can donate)
  • collect sponsorship from a memorial event
  • make donations on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any personal celebration days

It’s so easy to set up – visit JustGiving‘s In Memory page to find out more.

Leave a Legacy

By leaving even the smallest of legacies, you could continue your commitment to support the Hospice in the future; ordinary supporters make an extraordinary difference. By leaving us a gift in their Will, every year ordinary supporters of St Benedict’s Hospice from every part of our community help to give extraordinary care to our patients.

Even the smallest of gifts in your Will can ensure that we can make a big difference to the lives of our patients, helping them to make the most of the time they have with their family and loved ones.

You can choose to remember us in your Will in several different ways:

  • A residual gift: what is left of your estate after any specific legacies have been made. You can give all or a portion of this as a gift. This is often the most beneficial type of gift as it tends to hold its value.
  • A specific gift: an item, such as jewellery, an antique or even a property.
  • A pecuniary gift: a set amount of money.

Want to add a donation to St Benedict’s Hospice to your will? Whether or not you’ve already made your will, you can take advantage of St Benedict’s Hospice Make a Will Month (June and November) – with this, you can create or update your will in exchange for a donation to St Benedict’s Hospice. We recommend a donation of £75, but whatever you’re able to donate will be gratefully received.

After you’ve provided for your loved ones, you can make a will donation to St Benedict’s – and it’ll be free of Inheritance Tax.

If you’ve already made a will and you want to add a gift to St Benedict’s Hospice right now, you can draw up a codicil – a simple addition to your will – that shouldn’t cost any extra.

If you’d like more info on leaving us a gratefully received gift in your will, get in touch today or download our information pack.