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A diagnosis of a serious illness can open up a lot of soul searching about the meaning and purpose of life and death. Chaplains, as well as our other staff, are here to listen to your questions and explore some of the ways forward with you. Amidst the tears and laughter sometimes things become clearer; at other times there is comfort in knowing that someone is able to listen and bear the feelings with you.

How can religious care help me or someone I know?

Some people find comfort through taking part in religious services. You do not need to be a regular member of a worshipping community to be able to share in prayer, read the Scriptures or receive the sacraments. Chaplains are here to help you discern what might be helpful to you and can provide copies of scriptures or lead you in prayerful meditation.

The chapel is open every day as a place for quiet reflection. The Book of Remembrance is kept in the chapel and may be viewed between the hours of 10am – 8pm.

Our staff contains clergy from the Church of England and Roman Catholic denomination, though your own priest or minister is also very welcome to visit. Our chaplains have links with other faith communities and can contact your religious leader on your behalf if you wish.

Non-Religious Care and Support

At St Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care, we understand that you may require experienced support from someone who is not attached to a given faith. As such, Humanist celebrants and ministers can also be contacted if you prefer to talk things over with someone from a non-religious background.

For more information regarding our chaplaincy and care support services, please contact us on 0191 512 8425.

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