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Art Psychotherapy

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about our feelings and struggles; we perhaps can’t find the words or know when is the right time to begin sharing our thoughts, or might wonder if things we say will even make sense. So, for some people, communicating through pictures and the creative process can be a gentler way to begin explaining what’s going on.

Art psychotherapy is a psychological therapy that uses art making as its main form of communication to help people think about their thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviour with the hope of gaining understanding or finding a way to come to terms with things. Art making can be a very relaxing activity and many people find that the act of creation helps them to feel calmer and think more clearly. Making a picture about a feeling or event may be a way to gain a new perspective on it or to deal with things that have been bottled up inside. Discussing your thoughts and feelings with an art psychotherapist in a confidential environment where you feel safe and accepted can help relieve stress and stop worries from building up. No artistic talent or experience is necessary as the therapy is not focussed on your skill as an artist, but rather in personal expression and reflection, aided by the art psychotherapist. Sessions are usually on a one-to-one basis, lasting up to an hour and are available for hospice patients and their relatives. 

To find out more about Art Psychotherapy, call us on 0191 512 8400 or read our dedicated leaflet today.

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To find out more about Psychology Services, call us on 0191 512 8400 or read our dedicated leaflet today.

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