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What we do

Palliative care is about more than simply comfort in the remaining months of a patient’s life. At St Benedict’s Hospice, we improve patients’ quality of life through our caring approach. We treat our patients with the dignity and respect they deserve and take a holistic approach to care. We recognise the complexity and individuality of each of our patients’ needs. Consider St Benedict’s Hospice an extension of your own home, but with the expertise to deliver the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care your loved ones need.

Your relatives may already be receiving general palliative care. St Benedict’s Hospice offers specialist palliative care, which goes above and beyond the day to day care of patients. Here’s the difference:

  • General palliative care is delivered by the patient and/or family’s usual carers – this can include GPs, district nurses and care home staff. It’s an important part of the service delivered by medical professionals.
  • Specialist palliative care is delivered by the experts at St Benedict’s Hospice. We have a range of professional carers who specialise in this additional level of end of life care, where patients often have higher needs. Our caring team of experts deliver this care to Sunderland and some surrounding areas.

We focus on improving the quality of life for patients whose diagnoses don’t have a cure. They may have a a malignant disease (cancer) or a progressive illness where recovery is limited (e.g. chronic chest disease, renal disease, heart failure, neurological conditions).

When patients are referred to us, it’s through an agreement with their doctor or nurse in charge of their current care.