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Occupational Therapy

At St Benedict’s Hospice and Centre for Specialist Palliative Care, we offer a range of occupational therapies designed to help our patients complete their daily activities, realise personal goals, and enjoy an improved quality of life.

How can occupational therapy help me or someone I know?

Our specialist occupational therapists help patients overcome practical problems with their daily living activities caused or worsened by their palliative medical conditions.  Daily living activities include self-care activities (for example, moving around safely at home, getting washed and dressed,) leisure activities (getting out in the community,) and productive activities (making meals, etc.)  

The dedicated occupational therapy team offer a range of services, which can be provided both within the hospice and in the patients’ homes. Everyone receiving care from Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care is eligible to receive occupational therapy treatments and care.

What occupational therapy treatments are provided at Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care

We offer a range of services and treatments designed to offer a range of physical and mental benefits. The treatments provided include: –

  • Assessing patients’ physical and psychological abilities in relation to completing daily activities.
  • Establishing with a patient what is important to them, what they can and want to do.
  • Using a goal-setting approach to help them achieve what they want to do.
  • Providing adaptive equipment to reduce effort in carrying out activities
  • Recommending changes to patients’ daily activities/routines to manage symptoms (tiredness, pain, limb weakness, etc.)
  • Recommending home adaptations to promote independence and maintain safety.
  • Providing activities such as gardening to improve mood and well-being.

How can I get access to occupational therapy?

Patients with a need for occupational therapy input can be referred directly by the specialist palliative care professional involved in their care.

If you’d like to find out more about our occupational therapy team, give us a call at 0191 512 8400 – ext: 33844 or read our dedicated leaflet today.

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