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Complementary Therapy 

As well as our occupational therapy and counselling, we offer a range of complementary therapies at St Benedict’s Hospice, designed to help our patients relax and unwind. Our range of gentle treatments help alleviate stress and tension, and can soothe troublesome areas of pain in some cases.

How can complementary therapy help me or someone I know? 

Our complementary therapy treatments are used in conjunction with traditional medical care, to provide a holistic care experience. Our complementary therapies offer a soothing experience that is designed to improve patients’ quality of life. 

Our treatments include:

Gentle massage

A gentle massage that targets key areas, such as shoulder and neck, head, foot, and hand. The therapist will use soft, stroking movements and other gentle techniques, either with oil or over clothes, to soothe away tension and encourage relaxation.


The therapist will rest hands gently on, or above, different areas of the body to help bring a sense of balance, relaxation and well-being.

To find out more about our complementary therapies, contact us via telephone at 0191 512 8439. 

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