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Specialist Palliative Care Nurses

Living with a serious illness such as cancer can affect your mental health as well as your physical health. Uncertainty over the future whilst dealing with pain or other symptoms can be difficult to deal with, particularly if you find it hard to talk about sensitive issues or have nobody to confide in. 

Specialist Nursing Services strive to provide a holistic palliative care service that offer you both mental and physical health support. Specialist Nurses are based at both St Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care as well as Sunderland Royal Hospital offering care and support wherever the care setting. 

Specialist Palliative Care Nurses - 0191 512 8421

Our team of Specialist Palliative Care nurses working in community and hospital are part of a wider team who link up with other health professionals in hospices, hospitals, care homes and the community. With a wide range of experience, our nurses can help you with many of the complex problems you may have. By working closely with your GP and other services, recognising the many challenges people face, they can provide advice and guidance in many forms. 

The aim of the team is to help you achieve a better quality of life regardless of your illness and based on your individual needs. In the process, our Palliative Care specialists aim to provide support and guidance for your family and friends.

To find out more about our Specialist Palliative Care Nursing Service, call us on 0191 512 8421 or read our dedicated leaflet today

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