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At St Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care, our dedicated pharmacy team are on hand to ensure you receive the medication best suited to your unique situation. The pharmacy team consists of a palliative care pharmacist and a pharmacy technician.

The pharmacist provides a clinical pharmacy service to patients and staff in each of the different teams based at St Benedict’s Hospice. In-patients see the pharmacist on arrival to ensure that the pharmacist understands your home medication. Upon discharge, patients visit the pharmacist again to ensure you understand any changes that have been made to medicines.

At any point in your stay, we can provide a card that lists your medicines, what they’re for and when to take them. The pharmacist is always happy to answer questions about a patient’s medication, whilst the pharmacy technician ensures there is the necessary supply of all the medicines needed.

To find out more about our pharmacy service, contact us via 0191 512 8400.

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