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Our Team

Our multi-award winning fundraising Team should be your first point of contact if you have any enquiries about making a donation, organising an event, or any other query regarding St Benedict’s Hospice Charity.

The management & staff team consists of:

  • Tony Scott, Head of Retail, Fundraising and Operations 
  • Lisa Peverley, Community Fundraising Manager
  • Pamela Turnbull, Charitable Trusts & Foundations Fundraiser
  • Mandy Kaigg, Area Retail Manager
  • Matthew Blackman, Transport and Volunteer Manager
  • Ralph Allison, Assistant Transport Co-ordinator
  • Lisa Metcalfe, Finance Officer
  • Alison Keerie, CRM Officer
  • Linda Thorpe, Senior Charity Administrator


Trustee Board

The Trustee Board are a group of volunteers from a wide range of professional backgrounds. They are responsible for the operational and strategic development of the St Benedict’s Hospice charity. Our current Trustee Board is as follows:

  • Derek Moss, Chairman
  • Jan Bray, Vice-Chair
  • Sharad Trivedy
  • Martin Walker
  • Roger Collings
  • Paul Smith
  • Trevor Thorne
  • Paul Usher
  • Ken Stenger
Are you interested in becoming a trustee? Download our application pack here

If you have any questions for the Fundraising Department please contact us during office hours.