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The Legal Bit

Charities must adhere to lots of different charity laws, guidelines, Institute of Fundraising codes of practice and recommendations regarding all fundraising. We are happy to discuss your idea or activity with you in detail should you need advice, but as a general guide you will need to consider:


These are the kinds of licences you may need to consider when organising your event or activity:

  • Public Entertainment Licence - Most venues will have an entertainment licence – check for expiry date, restrictions to days, times, number of attendees etc.
  • Sale of Alcohol Licence - If you want to sell alcohol and the venue doesn’t have a licence you will need to apply to your local authority.
  • Collectors Licence - You will need a Collectors Licence from the Local Authority to collect in the street, public place (including inside pubs, shops etc.) or house to house. Charities are restricted on the number of licences they can have per year so you must also contact the fundraising office prior to applying, in case the date you’re thinking of is already being used by us (or someone else).
  • Sale of Merchandise Licence - If you want to sell goods in a public place you will need a licence from the Local Authority.

Health and Safety

As the organiser YOU are responsible in ensuring your event or activity is organised efficiently and safely. St Benedict’s Hospice cannot accept responsibility for your activity, nor for anyone who participates in it.

Please take careful consideration regarding insurance cover, as St Benedict’s Hospice Public Liability insurance does not cover your activity. You will need to carry out a Risk Assessment to ensure you have plans in place for the safety of your participants. You can find out further information from the Health & Safety Executive or speak to us for further advice. Participants must be fully briefed including risks, location of fire exits, fitness levels, special equipment or clothing requirements and standards of behaviour.

Consider any first aid requirements; the Red Cross or St Johns Ambulance may be happy to advise on required cover.

Publicity Materials

We will be happy to help or advise regarding the design and production of posters, fliers, tickets etc.

You must NOT produce your own sponsor forms, you must use the official Hospice one which we will provide on receipt of your fundraising activity form.

You can only use St Benedict’s Hospice logo with our express permission. Please contact us for more details.

If you’re producing your own posters etc. you MUST include ‘In Aid of St Benedict’s Hospice’ and the Registered Charity Number 1019410. You must also state clearly whether All Proceeds (every penny the event makes) or All Profits (after costs) will come to the Hospice. We must see and agree the content of anything that carries our name or logo, before you go to print. Simply email the document for approval-see contact us for details.


Raffles are carefully regulated. The only type you can operate without a licence is one for which tickets are only sold at the venue on the day and the draw must take place on that same day. You CANNOT pre-sell tickets without a licence and specially printed Draw Tickets.

Some venues are not licensed for, or do not permit, raffles e.g. some Churches/Church Halls so please check with the venue.

Children’s Safety

If children are present at your fundraising activity you must ensure adequate supervision is in place. This includes:

  • Providing proper adult supervision
  • Obtaining parental/guardian’s permission for the child to take part
  • Obtaining parental/guardian’s permission for the child to have a photo taken
  • Carrying out appropriate background checks if adults are to have unsupervised access to children
  • Consider how you would deal with a situation regarding Lost Children


If you are holding an event in a public place you must inform the Local Council Events Team at least 3 months in advance for permission.