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Specialist Palliative Care Nurses

Tel: 0191 512 8420

Living with cancer or any other serious condition can cause anxiety for you and your family, especially when you are uncertain about what the future may hold. You may have to cope with pain or other symptoms such as nausea or breathlessness. You may have nobody to confide in.

The Specialist Palliative Care nurses are part of a wider team who link up with other health professionals in hospices, hospitals, care homes and the community. They can help you with many of the complex problems you may have. By working closely with your GP and other services, recognising the many challenges people face, they can provide advice and guidance in many forms. The aim of the team is to help you achieve a better quality of life regardless of your illness and based on your individual needs. They also support your family and friends.

For further information please click onto the image below to access the Specialist Palliative Care Nurse Leaflet:

  • " It’s not just the caring it’s the social contact for a chat which gives you a lift. "

  • " I appreciate the constant support, knowing you have help at the end of a phone. "

  • " My husband and I felt all the nurses were very keen to make the situation easier and better for us. "

  • " Staff listened and explained down to the last detail in terms I could understand. "