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Family Support Counsellor 

Tel: 0191 512 8400 ext: 38426


The Family Support Counselling Service at St. Benedict’s Hospice supports children and young people aged 16 years and under who currently have or have had a family member receiving treatment through the hospice.

Children, like adults, experience difficult emotions when a key member of their family becomes ill. Sometimes they express their feelings in different ways to adults and sometimes withdraw from them. It can be difficult for children to find a voice to express their worries and fears and make sense of their experience.

The Family support counsellor will work with the child in a safe and confidential setting and through the medium of play and art assist the child in finding a way to express their difficult feelings. Sessions will last up to an hour and take place at the hospice or occasionally at a suitable community venue. The Family Support Counsellor can liaise with the family and school to provide the support during school time if necessary.

The Family Support Counsellor can also work with parents and the family as a whole to facilitate difficult discussions about bereavement and loss.

Throughout the year there will special days when the whole family can come to the hospice and work with the Family Support Counsellor and the wider support team at the hospice.

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